Museum edition of the Horizon report.

“The Marcus Institute for Digital Education in the Arts (MIDEA), the museum-focused branch of the New Media Consortium (NMC), released the Horizon Report: Museum Edition. This specially-focused edition of the annual Horizon Report series considers technology use in museum settings. The report identifies and describes six emerging technologies that will likely have a significant impact on museum education and interpretation in the next one to five years.” As with the earlier Horizons report, it’s so full of information and ideas that have done three posts, with this first one discussing the four key trends they have identified.
18 The following links provide examples of augmented reality in use in museums and other settings.
19 Chicago Museum of Science and Industry
An augmented reality musical game, featured in the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry’s permanent exhibition YOU! The Experience, turns a 2D card into a virtual keyboard. The user repeats three rounds of increasingly difficult note sequences. Afterward, the card calls up a visualization of the brain, showing its activity during the game.
20 CultureClic
CultureClic is a free iPhone augmented reality application that allows visitors to explore more than 500 paintings, photographs, and engravings in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, and Marseilles — while standing in the location depicted in the artwork.

21 A Future for the Past (Video)
In 2009 the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam presented an exhibition entitled A Future for the Past which included two prototype augmented reality applications: a virtual reconstruction of Satricum and an annotated landscape on a 1855 photograph of Forum Romanum. This video describes the exhibition.
22 Getty Museum: Augmented Reality of the Augsburg Display Cabinet
This augmented reality project enables viewers to take a detailed look at the intricately carved and decorated Augsburg Cabinet (1630), bringing this unique piece closer to visitors without risking harm to the object.
23 Metaio and Louvre-DNP Museum Lab (Video)
This joint project between the Louvre and augmented reality development firm Metaio is developing material to enhance exhibits and collections. This video demonstrates a prototype device that overlays augmented reality content onto the museum’s gallery spaces.
24 Pedro Morales
QR Code Artist Pedro Morales uses raffia mesh and fabric shapes to create organic works of art with content that can be read by simply pointing your mobile camera at them.

25 The Powerhouse Museum
The Powerhouse Museum has developed an augmented reality application that allows visitors to use their mobile phones to see Sydney, Australia as it appeared one hundred years ago.

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