Caravan Art Forum 2016 International Contemporary Art Festival 2016, 17 – 20 May, Kutaisi


The work establishes a direct reference
to “ Manuel de civilité pour les petites
filles à l’usage des maisons d’éducation”
an erotic literary work of Pierre Louÿs,
written in 1917 and published posthumously
(and anonymous) in 1927.
“Sex is usually a subject of privacy
in most societies but today Internet
makes its permanent presence. I discuss
this theme by serving me with
fractals, the augmented reality concept
and using hybrid anaglyph stereograms
(…). A stereogram is a two-dimensional
image which, being properly
observed, may lead to the vision of
a three-dimensional image generated
by the way the eyes perceive the image
from two slightly different points of
view “


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