Cylindrical Cellular. Scutoid Series.


In the “Scutoides Series”, Pedro Morales investigates in depth this new geometric shape, discovered recently in July 2018. The Scutoid is the shape of the epithelial cells that protect the organism, according to researchers from the Universities of Seville and Lehigh (USA). For the artist, it is a journey to the most intimate part of our being, a search within a beautiful geometric form that has always lived with us, oblivious to its presence. Morales has explored it from the moment of its discovery, investigating in its impossible planes, its unpublished curved sides, in the flow turned of that interwoven form of which we are made. “I have prostrated myself in front of its mysterious beauty, the geometric freedom offered by its unexplored volume”. Made with corn-based plastic, they are also a research on the advances of a ubiquitous and vilified material, and without which the comfort of modern life could not be possible.


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