The Scutoid Series

This artwork is about exploring, learning and finding the inherent beauty of fractal geometry. Exploration motivates me, I am attracted to reveal the unknown. The essence of my work is to constantly explore, and to find. I see the scutoid as a novel and unexplored geometrical form that allows me to play with its new geometry, to show the beauty it offers, so recent, so unknown, yet so forever present. Mine is also an investigation and a question on the perceptions about a modern life material, vilified today, nonetheless omnipresent in people’s every day, to the point of becoming part of what defines us. This age will be known to Palynologists as the era of plastic. We breathe microplastics today. What is art’s role in such a manifesto? I print my Scutoids on corn-based PLA Plastic. The Scutoid Series is then an intimate look at what holds the human life together, sometimes without us knowing. With it I bring these two realities to view.


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