Inflexao / the wrong


Inflexao takes total strength with the artists Alfredo Salazar-Caro, Salvador Loza, Leo Castaneda, biarritz, Gibrann Morgado, Gabriella Torres-Ferrer, Andrea Ludovic, Juan Obando, Juan Obando Moises Sanabria and Carlos Luis Sánchez Becerra, Klaus Fruchtnis, Laura Mema, @Eduardo kac, Pedro Morales, Ciro Museres, Efrain Ugueto Z, Mateo, Miltos Manetas, Yohanna Ovalle, Juan Covelli Amaral with artists and speakers as part of the biennale wrong, an international biennale proposed by David Quiles Guillo with whom miyo van stennis and Carlos Sanchez Bautista collaborated in Brazil

Sesc av Paulista︎
AV. Paulista, 119, 2TH AND 4th walk
Saint Paul o1311- 9 O3


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