SPAMM (Super Modern Art Museum) « DUOMO IN PROGRESS »

75627605_2621658067857227_4795256210603376640_nWe unveil the name of the artists of the project ” Duomo in progress “. these are works that will remain on the platform of the ” Super Art Modern Museum ” and presented on the occasion on the giant screens of EP7 133 avenue From France, 75013 Paris from November 21th, opening at 18 pm:
Kard, Juan Covelli, Richard Garet, tomek kard, Eduardo Kac, kamillia kard, Soliman Kard, Manuel Minch, Pedro Morales, Ciro, Manuel Minch.
Grateful for this participation for the contribution they make with their work!

Archives, archaeology and art online
– Commissioner Carlos Sanchez Bautista

The Museum of super modern arts is a platform of international artists, an open space on digital creation, a decentralized alternative to the elitism of contemporary art.
“Duomo in progress” is an exhibition featuring a selection of great names from the contemporary French and international artistic scene, including pioneers of digital art, which create images from computer code.
Special importance has been given to (almost archaeological) Online Research of works of origins, most interactive, in order to preserve them.
Spam. En was founded in 2011 by the French net-Artist Systaime, the origin of the French Trash Touch (wink to the french techno techno that brought the daft punk & CO TO INTERNATIONAL ATTENTION). It is the emanation of a net-culture and the huge screens of the ep7 in Paris allow these digital artists to spread their works not only on the internet. Curator of the exhibition: Carlos Sanchez Bautista.
Independent and resolutely international, spam brings together more than 500 artists and offers online 180 pieces of digital art. From Venezuela to China to Moscow, Chicago, Venice, Warsaw, Naples, Naples or Paris, spam artists have a common mantra: the internet is / made culture.
They were spotted and joined spam by word of mouth 2.0 as well as by the association of partner places (Project-ion, New York, Nomad Art Space, Hangzhou, China, babycastles, New York, dfbrl8r, Chicago, Faltmouth Art Gallery, London, Mapils Gallery, Naples, Italy…) and by associate independent curators. The, Serendipity and exchange are the ferments of spam.


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