Scutoid Aeon. Blockchain series.

Technological advances have led to an explosion in the generation of digital data and improvements in algorithms and computer hardware.

The recent discovery of a new geometric form, the SCUTOID, has helped explain the architecture and packing of curved epithelia, facilitating greater understanding of the 3-dimensional organization of epithelial organs. 

Humans generate enormous amounts of unprotected data. The use of blockchain technology will extend beyond financial applications, making it possible to store and exchange coded images, and offering solutions to privacy, security, and distribution issues of personal biodata.

The Scutoid. This unknown geometric form has lived with humanity, rather within us, while we were oblivious to its presence. I explore this wonderful new geometry, try to uncover the mysteries that were hidden from us about this fundamental part of who we are and what makes us human. I investigate the impossible planes of the scutoid, its unforeseen curvatures. I follow the turning flow of the movement they bring as they interweave. The scutoid is the mesh that holds the shield that protects us, a new reading on what we are made of. There is a high level of intimacy in the approach to this work, and great creative freedom, as no one had ever worked on them before.


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